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Planning Your Wedding? Here Is 15 Christmas Ideas

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

If you are a holiday enthusiast, then this is the most wonderful time of the year for a Christmas wedding! You might want to consider having a winter wedding that is close to Christmas, a December wedding is a great month to celebrate the season and throw the best holiday party any of your friends and family have been too.

Lucky for you, weddings are my thing, so I have come up with some elegant yet festive! These ideas that will certainly put you and all your guests in the holiday spirit. My number 1 rule for a seasonal wedding is not to go overboard, instead of having fake snow on every table, mini stockings as favours and red and green everything, keep your décor elevated by adding a dose of holiday magic sparingly and intentionally.

Here is a list of 18 Christmas wedding ideas to inspire you in planning your wedding that are creative, seasonally appropriate, and totally stylish

1. Style the invitation suite

The invitation suite sets the tone for the big day, the invitation suite will likely set the scene of your wedding. For this reason, it is a great place to incorporate the season by styling the paper with highlights like ornaments, ribbon, and greenery.

2. Welcome guests

A great way to welcome guests to a December wedding, consider adding an ornament to the welcome bag. You can choose any style you like, though try to match it with some aspect of your wedding- whether that be the destination, theme, or colour palette.

3. Set the scene

It is natural to use greenery as a choice for a Christmas wedding, but that does not mean you have to use it in an expected way. Garlands can be used to drape around the venue (on stairs, fireplaces etc). Also, you can add touches like berries and the classic red ribbon!

4. Frame the altar with Christmas trees

Ok you are going for a Christmas themed wedding; it wouldn’t be a Christmas wedding without a Christmas tree. Frame your altar with evergreens decorated in lights- bonus points if you are getting married after the sun sets!

5. Serve Festive Cocktails

Incorporating flavours like eggnog, peppermint and cranberry into your food and beverage can be a nice way to add a dose of Christmas charm.

6. Serve tree shaped canapes

Certain dishes can easily take on a holiday form- quite literally! Just look at these Christmas tree shaped canapes made with cucumbers, cheese and nuts or other appetizing foods depending on allergies you may have attending your wedding.

7. Embrace a holiday palette

I have mentioned this before but think before you go all our red and green for a Christmas wedding. Instead, pick your favourite holiday colour and do it up with metallic and neutral highlights.

8. Have jingle bells

Give everyone a jingle bell favour, which you could double as attendant cards before dinner. I love this elevated take on the Christmas tradition so much that I say embrace it and have everyone ring the bell at the same time before toast begin. Trust me: it will create a moment you (and your guests) will never forget!

9. Utilize seasonal blooms

Potted Amaryllis flowers are a staple this time of year, so why not use them in your winter wedding décor. Take this look to the next level by surrounding the arrangements with emerald, green paper goods and metallic ornaments highlights.

10. Set the table

A Christmas table can be set any number of ways (think greenery garlands and more!) but we are especially found of making the meal the centre of attention with a wreath around each charger. After all this is a season about gathering so use your table décor to do just that.

11. Decorate with greenery

You can create holiday vibes by hanging greenery as you would at home. We are all about the pinecone emphasised wreath, gathering of Christmas trees and modern wrapped orbs.

12. Hanging string lights

There is nothing we love more than an overabundance of magical twinkle lights. They create a romantic atmosphere no matter the season, plus they can make a big impact without a big cost.

13. Gift ornaments

Here is an idea for favours that your guests will want to keep: have a calligrapher write everyone’s names on pretty glass ornaments. There are million ways to creatively display them for your guests to grab on the way to their seats or out the door!

14. Send guests home with a treat

It is no secret that wedding guests want something to eat or drink as a favour. Give them what they want by making small batches of eggnog and serving it in mini, potable jugs. That way, the celebration can continue after the wedding is over.

15. Make it snow!

If snowflakes are not in the forecast, make your own in the form of a confetti shower

The ultimate guide to winter weddings

If you would like help and support in planning your winter Christmas wedding, book your Free Consultations here

Hope you enjoyed the read

Emma Louise x

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