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Meet Your South Wales Award Winner Wedding Planner - Emma

About you

You have style, enjoy and appreciate good food and a nice glass of wine. If you aren’t dining out, you enjoy being surrounded with your closest friends or hosting family dinner parties at home, or snuggling up on the sofa watching the latest Netflix series with your loved one. You love to visit new places and experiencing different cultures. You have dreamt about your wedding day since you were a little girl, you have so many ideas but you work hard, life is busy and your time is valuable. Your dream is to have a beautiful wedding that is slightly alternative bringing in your own personal style and personality, but still oozes luxury and romance, creating memories that you and your guests will treasure for a lifetime. As you live a busy life, you want your wedding day to have a laid back and have a relaxed vibe.

The best wedding planners will give you back your most valuable asset - time, whilst providing you with their expertise, quality, attention to detail and insane level of perfectionism, whilst ensuring that your day reflects who you are as a couple both in terms of style, taste and personality. 

Emma Louise Wedding Planner

Emma Louise Stratford

Founder & Wedding Planner 

Introducing Emma Louise
 I want to make your
wedding unique and
personal to you!

Hi there,
My name is Emma, and I am the owner and wedding planner of Emma Louise Wedding Planner. Glad to have you here. You are about to learn a little bit about me and my life. Here goes! 
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The glorious news about me

I’m 35 years old, been with my fiancé for 6 years who was supposed to become my husband in 2020. But, as many other couples, we had postponed to October 2021 and we finally had our day was the best day of my life. 

We live with our cute little dog Gizmo, a cavapoo (yes, he is named after the gremlins one of my favourite films). Talking about films that I like, I have an awfully long list of them, from dirty dancing, Hocus Pocus to Coco and many, many more. I do not watch live TV unless it is I’m a celebrity get me out of here or the Saturday night show with Ant and Dec (got to luv those boys), on the sofa with a cuppa of tea not really a drinker.

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Experiences and Knowledge

Before becoming a wedding planner, I worked with children for 16 years. I worked for one nursery on and off for those 16 years. Working with children was an amazing experience seeing them grow into wonderful little grownups. In between working in nurseries I also worked for TUI as a kids rep for 3 years (worked in Gran Canaria, Lanzarote and Pineda De Mar). That was during the summer times in the winter I was back home helping people to choose their holiday destination as well as working in the nursery.


I went to university and studied childcare and psychology for 3 years, then spent a year doing a masters in play therapy. They were a hard 4 years but I enjoyed every minute and experience.

Back to the past

Back in the day I was a part of a group called Tensin where we travelled to Germany to sing as a group to represent Wales. It was a fun time specially when we pitched our tent on an ants nest, moved it, then spilt coke in the tent and ended up having more ants so we had to move again.


Also was a part of the YMCA where we did a variety of shows for the older generation. One year, we did a play Peter Pan where shockingly I was Wendy. That was loads of fun.

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Unique Hobbies

My hobby during my free time is doing jigsaws, yes not a great hobby but I enjoy doing a variety of different style jigsaws. Once I have completed, I glue it. I would like to sell them as pictures, maybe one day.

One thing that I do love doing not so much a hobby but it is an experience that enjoy doing with my partner and that is travelling around the world. The time we have been together we have been to so many amazing places from Dubai to Thailand and I can not wait to explore many more beautiful and wonderful places with my other half.

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The Why!!!

After all this experience my life has thrown at me, my love for weddings, and being a bridesmaid more times than most people. I have put my organisational skills and creativity that everyone in my life has said are my positive attributes to work.


I set up my wedding planning business and during the not so best time during covid. With becoming a wedding planner there is nothing better than seeing all your hard work and ideas come together and see the smiles on your couple’s faces on their special day. 

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My Mission

My mission is to help couples that are so busy with work, running their own business or running their family life that they feel overwhelmed at the thought of planning their special day. I have seen too many couples feel stressed at the run up to their wedding day and as a result not enjoying the day as they should. Your wedding day should be an experience that creates magical memories for the rest of your life, rather than remembering the stress. This is my motivation for becoming your wedding planner.

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