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Get your free wedding budget guide checklist
Congratulations on your engagement! It's now
time to start planning your wedding, exciting!
It's now

Here is a little secret that I will let you in on there will be a list; a very long list, where you will have many questions on all aspects of your wedding planning journey. But that is OK - I'm here to help!

So where do you start your planning journey?

Well a good place to start is by creating a budget guide - get my free printable budget guide/checklist (you will thank me later for this).

Are you asking.....
  • What do I need to think about for my wedding?

  • What type of floral do I need to think of?

  • What do I need to think of for the reception?

  • What bridal attire do I need to think of?

  • What do I need to think of for the ceremony?

Emma Louise Wedding Planner 

To help you on your way, I have done the hard work for you and created a budget guide checklist for your planning journey. It is all here on the guide that you would need know what to book/order and extra touches you can book for your day.

Get your free budget guide check list

Guaranteed to help you plan your wedding and help you create a total budget to what you are likely to spend for your wedding day.

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