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Wedding Touches - The 12 Best Wedding Party Favours for Every Type of Festivity

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While you are not required to give out wedding favours on your big day, it is a sweet way to add a custom touch to the celebration. If your budget allows, thank the family and friends who travelled to celebrate you with a small gift. You can choose something reflective of you as a couple or a fun element that ties into your wedding theme, destination, or décor.

Making guests feel more comfortable during your wedding weekend is a great idea. Think individual sunscreen for a beach wedding, miniature bug spray bottles for a woodland event, or an edible gift for late-night snacking. If you have an extensive guest list, keep your budget in mind when looking for favours and look for ways to save by buying in bulk or doing some of the assembly yourself before the event.

Choosing the perfect wedding party favours can add a personal touch to your celebration and leave a lasting impression on your guests. To help you find a wedding favour that will delight your guests, I researched and rounded up the best wedding party favour ideas for every wedding style and venue.

Here are 14 of the best wedding party favours for every type of festivity:

1. Personalized Candles:

Personalised wedding favours add a special touch to your special day. Candles look beautiful and smell delicious, adding an amazing aroma to the day. These scented candles are perfect wedding favours and decorations for your big day.

- Ideal for: Elegant and romantic weddings

- Why it works: Customizable with names, wedding dates, or scents.

Wedding Extras

2. Mini Succulents:

Sweet succulents are adorable with rosette leaves that are sure to add a little happiness to your space. They stay small when mature, only reaching roughly three inches in height, and are very low maintenance. They are also great for indoor gardens because they are pet safe.

- Ideal for: Eco-friendly or garden-themed weddings

- Why it works: Low maintenance and can double as table décor.

3. Custom Bottle Openers:

A custom bottle opener looks great placed on the napkin at every place setting for a piece that doubles as both décor piece and a great take-home favour. guests can enjoy using it again and again for their own celebrations.

- Ideal for: Casual or rustic weddings

- Why it works: Practical and can be personalized with a special message.

4. Gourmet Chocolates:

It is indulgent, luxurious and meant to be enjoyed just for the sheet pleasure of it. In fact, dark chocolate contains a chemical that is released naturally by the brain when someone falls in love . This chemical encourages the brain to release endorphins, which trigger feelings of happiness.

- Ideal for: Classic or luxurious weddings

- Why it works: Everyone loves a sweet treat, and they can be beautifully packaged.

5. Personalized Matchboxes:

Who could not use an extra matchbook- especially one that reminds them of a fun weekend with friends and family. This pretty and practical gift can be personalised to make it feel extra custom and special.

- Ideal for: Vintage or retro weddings

- Why it works: Unique and useful, often paired with sparklers or candles.

6. Mini Bottles of Alcohol:

I am willing to bet that most people will be very happy to receive a bottle of alcohol as a favour. The only thing could it make better. When it is personalised with a label, which can be customise with any photo of your choosing.

- Ideal for: Party-centric or cocktail-themed weddings

- Why it works: A fun and festive favour that can be enjoyed later.

7. Custom Seed Packets:

Love gardening and flowers? Why not give your guests seed packets that they can use to grow and remember your wedding day as it grows. Also if you would like to up the ante, how about pairing each packet with a mini pot. We love this little gift because it will continue giving long after the celebration.

- Ideal for: Spring or outdoor weddings

- Why it works: Symbolizes growth and new beginnings, eco-friendly.

8. Personalized Coasters:

Capture the spirit of your special day with fun, exciting and stylish details. Add a playful touch to your trendy trimmings and give your guests a personalised paper coaster to put under their drinks.

- Ideal for: Modern or minimalist weddings

- Why it works: Practical and stylish, can be customized with various designs.

9. Customized Fans:

This classical style fab not only represents the elegance of classic beauty, but also keeps you cool in simmer and decorates your home and office. These fans will give you a fresh and elegant feeling.

- Ideal for: Summer or beach weddings

- Why it works: Practical for warm weather and can be elegantly designed.

10. Mini Picture Frames:

Mini picture frame favours are a classic wedding favour as they serve many functions. They decorate your tables, hold your place cards and then go home with the guests as wedding favours. Choose from many different styles.

- Ideal for: Elegant or classic weddings

- Why it works: Can hold a photo of the couple or a thank you note.

11. Personalized Luggage Tags:

This is ideal for a destination wedding, these tags are something guests can use almost immediately.

- Ideal for: Destination weddings

- Why it works: Useful for guests traveling to the event and beyond.

Extra touches

12. Perfect blend Tea or Coffee Blends:

Pick up personalised coffee or tea bags, they are great to give out as a party favour the night of the wedding or add to a hotel wedding welcome bag when guests arrive for the big event.

- Ideal for: Cosy or intimate weddings

- Why it works: Warm and inviting, perfect for guests to enjoy at home.

These wedding favours can be tailored to fit the theme and style of your wedding, ensuring that each guest feels appreciated and takes home a memorable piece of your special day.

What to Consider When Buying Wedding Party Favours

  • Budget: When it comes to your budget, think about how many guests you have—a small wedding might afford to feature custom tote bags or other higher ticket items as wedding party favours, while a larger guest list might need more affordable options. Pay attention to the price per piece, then multiply that by your estimated guest count.

  • Usefulness: The best wedding party favours are ones that guests will use again or will enjoy at the moment. Rather than saving a favour for the end of the event, giving guests a favour box with small items that are both fun and practical. Or, choose something that you and your spouse-to-be collect as a couple, such as magnets or Christmas ornaments. If that is the case, setting up a prominently displayed wedding favour table that guests will have to pass at the end of the night, along with signage indicating that these are favours that everyone should take.

  • Wedding Location: Another option is to get wedding party favours that nod to the location of the event. Or if it is a destination wedding, your guests might appreciate a travel item.

FAQ What are some other unique wedding party favour ideas? Local or themed wedding party favours are also a fun way to incorporate the location of where you're getting married. If it's a rustic country wedding, homemade jams or jars of honey are a sweet parting gift. Or play up a destination wedding theme with a specialty that's unique to the country or region, like Mexican caramels or mini bottles of Limoncello for an Italian wedding. When should we give wedding party favours? If the favour is a food item or a takeaway gift, set up a gift station that's near the exit, so guests will be sure to grab their wedding party favour at the end of the night. If it's a practical gift specific to the wedding location, set up a party favours table at the entrance. Is it rude not to give wedding party favours? No, it's not considered rude to forgo wedding favours. Consider them a fun "extra" you and your guests can enjoy if your budget allows.

For more wedding favour ideas why not check out my blog that givers you 33 more ideas

Hope you enjoyed the read

Emma Louise x

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