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Unique Weddings - 'Micro Weddings' What Is It?

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

This blog gives you information about what a Micro wedding is all about and whether or not it is a path you should take your wedding planning down too.

What is a Micro wedding?

Among all the wedding trends that are around at the moment, one trend that is starting become very popular is a ‘Micro Wedding’. What exactly is a micro wedding? … Is it the same as an elopement? … Why would you have one? … These are number of questions brides and grooms ask when deciding what type of wedding they should have.

The trend for having a micro wedding is growing, and if you’re after a small wedding with a focus on guest experience, micro weddings could be the right choice for you.

Read on to discover what a micro wedding is and if it is the route you would like your wedding to go down.

Unique Weddings

So, what is it…? A micro wedding is a wedding with less than 20 guests. Being smaller in size, it is usually cheaper, more relaxed, and shorter in length than a traditional wedding day.

It differs from both an ‘elopement’ and an ‘intimate’. An elopement is usually done in secret, will be attended by just the couple marrying and two witnesses, and is often a quick and simple registry office ceremony – whereas a micro wedding is a full wedding day, just on a smaller scale. While it still could be the couple and two witnesses, it is not done in secret or on a whim but is a fully thought-through and planned wedding day, just for a smaller guest list. The ceremony will often not take place at a registry office either.

Unique Weddings

Micro weddings are also different from intimate weddings. An intimate or small wedding is generally considered to have between 30 and 60 guests. Micro weddings are much smaller than this, with guest numbers usually in the single digits or teens.

Unique Weddings

Still cannot decide if a micro wedding is the path for you and have the question ‘Why have a micro wedding…?’ Check out my other blog that goes into information about the positives and negatives to having a micro wedding

Hope you enjoyed the read

Emma Louise x

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