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Unique Weddings At Court Colman Photo Shoot

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

This blog is about the beautiful venue Court Colman, where I did a photo shoot to show different ideas of table decorations and chair covers with a few extra touches.

The lovely Court Colman (link to this venue can be found at the end of blog) one of many of #SouthWales beautiful wedding venues, located in the Bridgend area. Provides an incredible Georgian Architecture that is surrounded by six acres of private gardens, home to a Victorian rose walk and they even have their own waterfall, which makes a perfect setting for the most special of days. The unique setting of the Welsh countryside surrounded by woodland, yet only a 30-minute drive from Cardiff & Swansea. Took host of Emma Louise #WeddingPlanner photo shoot of table and chair decorations.

Bridgend wedding planner

The first of many photo shoots to come that shows off what I can help create through the full and partial packages I offer in my services which you can read more of through this link:-

It was an exciting afternoon spending time decorating tables in different themes and colours to give couples planning their wedding some ideas on how they can decorate their tables and chairs. As the design part of planning a wedding is my favourite part when it comes to planning a wedding, as I have a very creative side and I enjoy playing around with different styles and colours to produce unique styles.

In the photo shoot I also took photos of the flip flop hamper, which is an extra touch I provide through my extra touches, this hamper gives your guests comfort for their feet to keep dancing the night away. For more information on this extra touch click the link to read more about it:-

Browse all the photos that was taken during the photo shoot to get inspiration for your big day.

I have shown you one great wedding venue with a variety of ideas to get you inspired and give you ideas on what to have for your big day, along with ideas for extra touches.

wedding coordinator

If you would like to discuss the different services I provide do not hesitate to contact me to book a free consultation to see what I can offer you.

Visit the Court Colman site for more information

Hope you enjoyed the read

Emma Louise x

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