Emma Louise Wedding Planner bouquet ideas

Updated: Sep 9

The bouquet is the accessory that all brides need when getting married. It brings your style and colour theme of your wedding into a beautiful flowerily design. Creating beautiful bouquets using artificial flowers.

Here is a bridal bouquet with Lily's variety of blue flowers and white flowers, using pearls to create that sparkle touch.

Above also shows two lovely bouquets with white roses and one showing a lovely deep blue roses and the other bouquet with turquoise lily's.

Emma Louise #WeddingPlanner can produce unique and #luxury bouquets, exploring colours and variety of flowers that you luv. I will work with you in discussing the type of flowers you would luv to have and how we can link your flowers to your colour theme. I can do this through flowers or ribbon within the bouquet.

I create these unique, #luxury bouquets from purchasing flowers from local business within the #Bridgend area, to help support local businesses in #SouthWales and keep the carbon foot print low with packaging and traveling.

If you would like to have a free consultation on your bouquet contact me by clicking the link bellow, here we will chat about what you are looking for and create the image of your bouquet and bring it to life.


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