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Wedding Touches - 10 Top Ideas To Plan A Simple Wedding

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Had planned for a big wedding but with restrictions being a hit and miss and to be sure your day can go ahead without an issues at the moment you are now looking at a simple wedding. Here are some ideas to help you in planning that simple wedding with no big complications.

Before I go into the 10 top ideas I need to firstly say, if you want a traditional wedding, with the wedding dress and bridesmaids and a reception and all of that, there is no such thing as a simple wedding. A wedding can be simple, but only if you, your partner, and a few friends go to the court and get married then go to dinner afterwards. This blog will talk about the more complicated, traditional wedding, but with some traditions thrown out to keep things a bit simpler.

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Even with our wedding plans a bit simplified, we are still feeling the pressures of the wedding preparations, although things are definitely much easier than they could have been. Here are some ideas to take some of the stress off your wedding:

1. Keep the guest list small.

If you can pull this one step off, the cost for just about everything else will go down, and everything will be simple in comparison. Limiting the guest list to just the first cousins of your parents and a few closes friends, can help with a small list.

2. Keep the menu simple.

The biggest cost is the food, to keep it to a reasonable level do not go for an extravagant, fancy dinner. Do not choose many dishes and desserts either also, chose a few key dishes. While we would like people to enjoy the food, they are not coming there to have a fancy meal — they will be there simply to celebrate your marriage and enjoy your company. If that is not enough for them, it is not your problem.

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3. Get help, and delegate.

Asking for help from a few friends and family. instead of trying to do all the preparations on our own, is a great way to make it simple for you. And trust me, they love to help. There are a lot of little details that need to be taken care of, and if you try to do everything yourself, you will be running around like crazy. Instead, allow others to help, delegate certain tasks, and when they do them, check them off your list. It makes life a lot easier.

4. Go with the easiest attire.

Chose the simplest attire in terms of how much work it will take, and that is a rented suit. Sure, you could have gone simpler, but you would have had to buy the suits, and that is a lot of trouble trying to shop for attire that will fit all of the party.

For the girls, going to local boutique shops (Primark, Debenhams) are good places for the bridesmaids. The bride, I recommend WED2B amazing and reasonable price dresses.

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5. Forget fancy invitations.

Traditional wedding invitations have a couple different envelopes, tissue paper, some other paper, and that is all before you even get to the invitations itself. It is way too much trouble and too expensive for simple. Printing out your invitations yourself, on your printer, on stock stationary you can get from an office supply store. With some of the invites you can hand deliver or even send invitations digitally.

6. Do not try to impress.

This is key — if you try to impress people with your fancy wedding, you will go to a lot of trouble and expense. It is really not worth it. Everyone has been to fancy weddings, and while they are nice, they last for one day and they put you deeply in debt. Rather than impressing stay out of debt, minimize your stress levels, and spend some of the money on your honeymoon. It really does not matter to the guests anyway — like I said, they are just there to celebrate your wedding, and do not really care if you do not go all out. If they do, that is their problem.

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7. Keep the decorations simple.

Having a few floral arrangements, some candles, and that is it. Very minimal, very little trouble, very little expense. Is a great way to go simple. Also using artificial flowers are cheaper than real flowers.

8. Simple favours.

Simple sweets put in little inexpensive favour boxes. And that is all. Very simple.

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9. Simple entertainment.

Having a DJ is as simple as you can go. They play all different types of music so can cover all your styles.

10. Have a coordinator.

This does not have to be a fancy wedding coordinator but can simply be a family member who you trust to run things according to your plan. If you have someone else taking care of all the details on the day of the wedding yourself, you do not have to worry about it, and can relax and enjoy the festivities. If you wish to go down the wedding coordinator path, check out my on the day services, I offer

If you would like some advice on these simple tips do not hesitate to contact me for a free hour consultation

Hope you enjoyed the read

Emma Louise x

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