#WeddingFavours Should I have favours????

Updated: Mar 7

What is the purpose of wedding favours?

Wedding favours are small gifts given as a gesture of appreciation or gratitude to guests from the bride and groom during a wedding ceremony or a wedding reception. They can be also traditionally found placed on the tables at the wedding breakfast next to the guest’s name label.

The history of favours....

Having favours is a tradition going back to the sixteenth century and is along time tradition that you still see in todays weddings. The very first wedding favours were known as 'bonbonnieres' and were gifts given to guests as they are today. The meaning behind a wedding favour is that it is a symbol of good luck.

The traditional wedding favour were sugared coated almonds in organza bags. The sugar coating highlights the wish that the couple's married life will be sweeter rather than bitter. In Italy, they would provide five sugar coated almonds typically handed out to the guests representing health, wealth, cheerfulness, fertility, and long life. To remind their guests that life is both bitter and sweet.

Though favours have changed over the years from sugar almonds to other edible favours, to personalised small gifts e.g., bottle openers. Though you do not have to have favours and could put the money you would spend on favours towards something else you would like for your day. Favours are not a necessity to have for your big day.

But if you decide to do favours the popular ones are edible favours. With favours you can have fun with and put them in to the theme of the wedding. My partner and I had a travel themed wedding, as my partner travels for work and we both like our holidays and travelling all around the world together, so for our favours we used suitcase styles boxes and my partner loves ‘love hearts’ so we placed two small packets of love hearts inside to the suitcases.

A bonus with favours you can also use them as a way of name places on the table, which can save you money instead of creating favours and name places separately.

With the suitcase favours we used the luggage labels that come with them for the name places so killed two birds with one stone, and we put money into something extra we wanted for the day.

Are wedding favours a waste of money?

Sometimes personalized party favours can be left behind at the reception by guests as the day goes on and more drinking is added. If you wish to do favours, I personally suggest going down the edible favours as they are a little treat for your guests to have while they are waiting for the delicious meal to come out specially if you are doing the speeches before food.

I personally luv favours and is a lovely way to say thank you to your guests for sharing this special day with you. I also luv creating favours and find it fun coming up with unique and individual different favours to go with variety of styled weddings.

If you would like to discuss more about favours and need some advice or help in creating favours please click the link below and contact me. Look forward in hearing from you and creating those special touch favours.


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