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12 Sweet Spring Wedding Touches for Our Favourite Season

Because flowers for spring can be ground-breaking.

Spring is in the air and there is something special about having a spring wedding. From the abundance of flowers, to the pastel colours and to the gorgeous garden-inspired details. Not to mention, it is a season of welcome changes: These changes are from the weather growing warmer, the days getting longer, and everything comes alive. We tend to associate the season with pastel palettes—think pinks, purples, whites, baby blues—and delicate, pretty blooms, both translates perfectly to springtime wedding décor. In fact, when marrying in the spring, our general advice is to get inspired by the season!

Since spring is a time of blossoming florals, consider embracing in the season blooms like tulips, hyacinths, daffodils, and garden roses in your floral arrangements this can save you money and get more bang for your buck. But if flowers are not your thing, I still have plenty of spring wedding inspiration for you. Keep reading to see what makes us think of springtime, but remember, you can use these beautiful arrangements and décor ideas in any season. After all, we are fans of blooming flowers, soft colours, and fresh ideas for all year long. Here I provide 12 sweet spring wedding touches for our favourite season.

1. Wow With a Pink Floral Installation

Extra touches

If this stunning floral installation does not scream spring, we do not know what does! Embrace one of the springiest colours out there with a bold floral installation to place in the centre of your wedding reception space.

2. Lean Into Citrus Colours

Wedding touches

A wonderful way to incorporate fresh fruit into your spring wedding is by turning to bright citrus—not only are they fresh, lively colours perfect for a spring wedding, but they add a sunny feeling to the over all decoration vibe.

3. Consider Floral-Printed Invitations

Your formal invitation suite is a guest’s first glance into your wedding day décor. If you are featuring one signature flower (or even a variety), consider including it on your invite in the form of an illustration, motif, or even as an envelope liner.

4. Embrace Pastel Colours With Pastel-Hued Shoes

Bridgend wedding planner

How about pastel shoes for something blue? We love the way this bride embraced a pastel colour scheme with her pastel wedding heels for her big day.

5. Serve Fresh Specialty Cocktails

Cardiff wedding planner

It is always smart to garnish a cocktail with something pretty, bringing flowers and spring fruits to these drinks are especially unique. While these are an obvious choice at cocktail hour, we also love the idea of a refreshing drink at an alfresco ceremony.

6. Embrace Sundresses

Emma Louise wedding planner

If jumpsuits are not your style, it is a must to dress your squad in seasonally appropriate sundresses. We are totally into this high-neck style, which features a knee-length silhouette and unique floral cut-outs that feel modern and fresh.

7. Create a Floral Arch

Luxury wedding planner

Make the entryway to your ceremony or reception stand out. It is easy to make it a focal point of the celebration, especially when it looks and smells like this.

8. Say "I Do" Outdoors

Weddings in Wales

This gorgeous golden-hour kiss is enough to convince us that spring is practically made for outdoor weddings. Embrace the warm weather, the scent of fresh flowers, and longer days to host the alfresco ceremony of your dreams.

9. Have Umbrellas on Hand

Unique weddings

Treat this as another precaution if you are celebrating outdoors. Umbrellas can be used to shade guests from either showers or strong sun rays.

10. Incorporate Fragrant Details

Boutique wedding planner

For the escort card table, create a flower stand reminiscent of a French farmer's market. That way, little bouquets of lavender guide guests to their seats and serve as a favour at the end of the night. Also, they can look great in the groomsmen's jacket pockets while also smelling incredible.

11. Add Real Rose Accents

Decorate your buttercream cake and the cake with fresh, pretty pastel flowers. (This is a cheaper alternative compared to the sugar variety.)

12. Give Guests a Seasonal Favour

While we love flower-pressed sweets, we love this name card idea even more. At the end of the night, turn all of your guests into flower-lovers like you. As guests like to take home souvenir instead of normal name cards send them home with seed paper to plant. As their flowers grow, they will remember your special day.

Hope you enjoyed this read of 12 Sweet Spring Wedding Ideas for Our Favourite Season and you gain some ideas that you may like to put into your big day.

Emma Louise wedding planner

Hope you enjoyed the read

Emma Louise x

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