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Wedding Touches (Treating Yourself And Your Bridal Party To A Pamper Hamper)

Updated: May 1, 2023

boutique wedding planner

This blog is all about one of the services I provide which is a pamper hamper, looking at what comes with the hamper and how you can enjoy it with your bridal party and how you can use it for you and your partner to treat yourselves with all the wedding planning. This blog also tells you about a client Jennifer Gratton and how she won the pamper through a raffle and what she felt about the pamper hamper.

What is included in the hamper?

In the hamper you will receive:-

  • Face masks

  • Hand masks

  • Pores strips for nose

  • Foot masks

  • Glasses personalised

  • A choice of bottle of bubbly

    • Pinot Grigio Rose

    • Prosecco

  • Strawberries (summer) blueberries and raspberries (autumn & winter)

  • Choice of 1 chocolate box

    • Cadbury

    • Ferrero Rocher

    • Lily O’Briens desserts

    • Guylian Belgian

In the hamper you will receive three face mask, hand mask, foot mask and pore strips for the bride and two of your bridal party. If there are more in the bridal party then more can be ordered. You get to personalise the glasses with what ever you would like for example Bride and Bridesmaids or putting the names of the bridal party on each glass. You get to choose a bottle of bubble and choose what box of chocolate you would like to have. Depending on the season you get either strawberries/ blueberries/ raspberries to go with your chocolate and bubbly. All products are animal tested free and when buying my products, I make sure that they are not tested on animals and are good for the environment as well.

Bridgend wedding planner

This is a lovely hamper you can share with your bridal party the night before your big day to relax and have a night with your bridal party.

You can also order this pamper if you are planning a night in with your friends or would like to have a pamper night with your partner and treat yourselves with relaxing and having a cheeky drink and chocolate.

Raffle winner

At Christmas time the estate that I live in did a Christmas raffle for the estate and asked local businesses for any prizes that can be put towards the raffle. As a local Bridgend Wedding Planner, I offered my pamper hamper to one lucky raffle winner. The raffle winner was Jennifer Gratton who lives on my estate. The hamper that she won came with two face masks, two hand masks, two-foot masks, two pore stripes. She received a bottle of bubble and box of chocolate of her choice and had two glasses personalised with Mr G and Mrs G. She enjoyed a very lovely relaxing evening in with her husband and really enjoyed the hamper pamper.

Cardiff wedding planner

“I received a really lovely hamper of pamper goodies, a great selection for a top to toe pamper presented in a lovely basket. With added bonus of bubble and glasses, what’s not to love! Thank you :-)

If you would like to know more information about the hamper and how much this service is, please visit

If you would like to order this service, please contact me

Hope you enjoyed the read

Emma Louise x

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