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Planning Your Wedding Invitations- Wedding Invitation Suite

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

So, in another blog all about wedding invitations (link for this can be found out the end of this blog), it goes on about what wedding invitations are, the history of invitations, what you should put on the main invitations and when you would send them out. This blog will go into more information on what other things you can send to your guests with your invite. This is called the invitation suite. The purpose of a wedding invitation suite consists of all paper goods sent along with the wedding invitation.

So, know the question is 'What to include in your wedding invitation suite?'

You are not alone. Designing, packaging, and sending wedding invitations is a major undertaking. You will need to do your research in in all these aspects before you even get to the designing aspect of your invites.

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What Is a Wedding Invitation Suite?

A wedding invitation suite consists of all paper goods sent along with the wedding invitation. It should always include a response card, as well as important information like directions and accommodations. With all the information with planning a wedding and having so much information linked to one aspect of the planning process wedding invitations it can feel that your head is swimming from stationery overload and from this you cannot tell the difference between a reception card from a response card, here is a helpful guide outlining exactly what to send with wedding invitations.

Traditional Elements

  • Invitation

  • Response Card and Envelope

  • Mailing Envelope

  • Postage

Optional Elements

  • Inner Envelope

  • Reception Card

  • Directions

  • Weekend Events Card

  • Accommodations Card

  • Invitation Wrapper

Going into more details about the different aspects of what you put with your wedding invitations. Looking at response cards, wedding RSVP Card (mailing envelope, postage, and inner envelope), reception card, directions, weekend events card, accommodations card, invitation wrapper and destination weddings.

Response Card

Before reply cards existed, couples would send a single letter sheet invitation and guests would have to use their own supplies to respond. When sending response cards, do not forget to include a pre-addressed envelope and stamp for your guests' convenience. If you are having meal choices, put checkboxes on the response cards for people to choose chicken, fish, steak, vegetarian options, etc. You can also, of course, skip response cards altogether and direct your guests to RSVP on your wedding website, but you need to be cautions with the older generation guests that may not have access to the website. If you can anticipate that certain guests might not be comfortable using a computer, consider sending them a response card even if you're not including them with the majority of the wedding invitation suites.

Mailing Envelope

Another obvious mention you will need an envelope to send off all the paper goods. Luckily, you do not have to handwrite the addresses yourself there are many stationery companies that offer addressing services part of their packages.


With all this stationery, your envelope may weigh more than standard postage covers. Head down to the post office with your invitation suite and get it weighed to see what postage you will need. This is also the time when you can go over stamp options to find a stamp that suites you are wedding. From hearts to flowers, you will be surprised at the variety of stamps they have hiding behind the counter.

Inner Envelope (Optional)

This envelope is slightly smaller than the outer mailing envelope, the inner envelope holds the invitation and indicates who specifically is (and is not) invited to the wedding. This is the place to clearly write the names of each wedding guest. If your guest will have a specific plus-one, write both their names. If they can bring anyone, the envelope should include their name and a generic guest: "John Smith and Guest." If there is not a plus-one, it is simple to just include the guest's name. This is also the way to indicate whether or not children are invited. For example, if you are inviting a family, the envelope should be addressed to "The Smiths." If it is adults only, however, it should read "John and Victoria Smith."

Reception Card (Optional)

If your wedding reception is not going to be held in the same location as the wedding ceremony, you will need to include a separate card with the reception information with wording that indicates the formality and nature of the event. If you would like to indicate a sit-down meal? The first line should read 'Dinner Reception. As for the oft-contested younger guests, if you would like to throw an adults-only affair, you should notify guests through word-of-mouth and by the names addressed in the invitation. If you must include an "Adults-Only Reception" line, do so on the reception card, and as the last line of the reception card.

Directions (Optional)

Do not leave guests to their own devices when it comes to getting to your wedding on time. While Google Maps are alive and well, a guest's phone could die or lose reception and that is a recipe for tardiness. Plus, your elderly guests might not even have a smartphone that can give them directions instantaneously. So, to be on the safe side, always include a direction card. You never know when your guests will need it. Making sure it is legible it is important to make sure the font is easy to read for all your guests. And, in the event you do not include a direction card in your wedding invitation suite, you should still list the directions to your venue and its address on your wedding website as another backup.

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Weekend Events Card (Optional)

If your wedding will span a weekend and will include multiple events such as welcome drinks, an after-party, a day-after brunch, etc., it is a good idea to include a full itinerary for guests, so they know what to expect and pack for. Between the website and the invitation, guests should receive as much information as possible to better plan their weekend. Your guests will appreciate the extra info, especially for those traveling from out of town. Include things like hotel recommendations with room blocks and transportation locations and times. This is also where you would mention if any wedding weekend activities were adults-only.

Accommodations Card (Optional)

If you have guests coming in from out of town, they will appreciate the extra card detailing hotel options. Including a deadline for making reservations on your accommodations card is optional but helpful for your guests. Rooms can book up fast, so it is nice to give your guests a date to shoot for. If you are covering guests' accommodations, it is proper etiquette to indicate that on the accommodation card. Be sure to include any information regarding transportation to and from hotels to the wedding.

Invitation Wrapper (Optional)

Once you properly assemble your wedding invitation suite, an invitation wrapper like a belly band or silk ribbon may be used to hold all the pieces together neatly. Choose a coordinating colour and make a feature of the wrapper with a jewel or botanicals for added glam.

Destination Weddings

For those hosting a destination wedding, you will have some extra things to consider. With a making sure to establish the wedding guest list early to get a grasp on where all the guests live and will be traveling from. If the whole guest list is traveling to a destination wedding, be sure to give plenty of time for planning by sending the save the date cards well in advance. These should include recommended online travel information that can be accessed early. Providing additional information in print is helpful for navigating foreign destinations, so do not be shy with the weekend information. If only some guests are traveling from a different country, keep in mind the invitations may need extra mailing time and an alternate/online reply method is recommended.

So, there is a lot to consider when creating your wedding invitations, not just the style, colour and design but all those extra details that I have mentioned in this blog. If you would like to discuss about your invitations I offer a 10 hour support and advice service where we can discuss all this information and what is the best route for you to go down to include in your wedding invitations to contact me through

If you are at the stage of knowing your design here is a approved supplier that help create these invites to reality She is an amazing artist in her aspect of wedding invitations and creates amazing and beautiful designs. She also creates her invites using the finest quality of recycled and sustainable materials.

If you would like to create your own wedding invitations check out my blog that talks about 16 ways to save money on DIY wedding invitations

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Hope you enjoyed the read

Emma Louise x

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