Idea touches for your day

Updated: Jan 24

Not sure where you can get your guests to put those lovely cards they have got you. Need somewhere that will keep them safe while you enjoy your day, and do not want to see a pile of cards just left on a table somewhere in your venue why not complete those #weddingtouches with a post box or a suitcase.

Emma Louise #WeddingPlanner has two great options to choose from to create those extra touches to your day.

With a #luxurywedding style post box 👇 A vintage #rusticwedding post box👇

Though if you are looking for a suitcase style that would go with your style than one of our post boxes we can provide a #uniquewedding style suitcase for hire also.

Luxury weddings and rustic weddings

If you would like to know more about our post boxes and suitcase to hire click on to the link below

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