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Planning Your Wedding - Top Tips To Wedding Breakfasts

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Not sure what wedding breakfast is all about and what food should you have at your wedding breakfast, read on and this blog gives you tips that help you with these questions.

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What is a wedding breakfast?

This is the meal that follows your wedding ceremony, the name comes from the past when traditionally the wedding ceremony was held after mass, the whole wedding party would fast before mass and so for the bride and groom this was their first meal together.

What Is the Difference Between the Wedding Breakfast and the Reception?

Some people are not sure what the difference between the wedding breakfast and the reception is. The reception is the name for the entire post-ceremony celebration, from drinks to dinner to dancing. Where the wedding breakfast is the name for the main meal of the wedding day.

Time of wedding breakfast

Traditionally the wedding breakfast normally starts at 5:00 pm, where the meal is served. But can be at any time depending on when you are having your ceremony one thing you do need to consider and that is if you're having a three-course meal you need to allow around an hour and a half for service, there is likely to be teas and coffees too before the real party begins.

There is no right or wrong here.

No two wedding breakfasts are the same, your wedding breakfast should be unique to you and reflect you as a couple in your tastes, likes and dislikes. Normally the meal consists of a starter, main and dessert course and finished with the speeches and a glass of champagne for the toasts.

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People sometimes ask if a buffet dinner is tacky for a wedding breakfast. It is not a question of tacky or not. if you are having an informal fun party at a nightclub, a cocktail reception might be your best option. Most of the time, having a buffet is indeed less expensive than a plated dinner. While you will pay less in staffing and rentals for a buffet-style meal, you will need more food since guests are serving themselves. But with wedding breakfasts couples do put a lot of meaning and effort in what food they would like to provide as this part of the wedding that is mainly looked at guests and the wedding can sometime be judge by the food. But what food you can have does depend on your venue, as some venues only let you have one option for your guests, others will let you have two options for your guests and even allow you to do a buffet style. As mentioned traditionally you have a sit-down meal for the wedding breakfast, but this also comes down to the couple and your preference and style. There is no wrong answer.

Something to consider

With what ever style wedding breakfast you go with you need to consider your guest and their dietary requirements. If going for a buffet style you should make sure you provide a wide range of foods for those guests that are vegetarian and may have other requirements. With a sit-down meal, you will let your guest know within your invites, where you get your guests to choose what meal they would like if you got two options to a sit-down meal or you will get them to let you know if they have any requirements so you can work with your venue on what alternatives they can have.

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Hope you enjoyed the read

Emma Louise x

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