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Planning Your Wedding - 10 Awesome Advantages to Having a Winter Wedding

Updated: Apr 11

Winter weddings have a lot going for them. Yes, I know summer weddings sure are stunning but there are some downsides to consider. Sweltering heat could make a hot mess of a bride's carefully styled wedding hairstyle. And with a hectic itinerary packed with other summertime nuptials, some guests might be forced to RSVP 'no' to your warm-weathered bash. Bummer, right? But with a winter wedding, you can avoid all that and get stunning snowy wedding photos, holiday-themed wedding decorations, and more. Being a winter bride or groom is basically the best.

Still on the fence about throwing a winter wedding? Then you will warm right up to these winter wedding advantages. From less stress over the weather to better venue rates, here is 10 reasons why you will be grateful to get married in the winter season.

1. Less Stress

One thing about winter weddings is the lack of stress about the elements since they typically take place inside. The risk of rain and wind can make the planning period extremely stressful and potentially costly if you need to add a tent. Guests are frequently exposed to heat and cold in all outdoor weddings and they can be very uncomfortable, taking Mother Nature out of the equation means less stress for you, your vendors, your guests, and your family.

2. No Humidity

One winter wedding perk is the lack of humidity, which, if you are in an area that suffers from this, you know is a huge plus. Both your hair and makeup will thank you.

3. More Venue Dates and Better Rates

Most locations and vendors book up quickly during the summer months and come with a hefty price tag, whereas those same locations and vendors are available for a lower price during the colder months. Because the winter months are not as busy as others, they will also be able to focus more of their attention on your big day. Fall is tough for vendors and venue owners as they are juggling so many events, brides, families, vendors, and logistics. You will have more flexibility to come in and set up early or break down late, as there is likely not another event right after yours that the venue needs to prep for right away.

4. Bonus (and Free) Decorations

Although the time of year might not be the reason you chose a winter wedding, there are many benefits to a celebration aligned with the holidays. For one, many venues you select will most likely already be decorated for the holiday season adding a more celebratory feel to your special day. And, at no cost to you.

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5. Cheaper Travel and Accommodations

Travel and hotel stays are at peak pricing in the summer, when school is out and families take their vacation, winter weddings allow guests to take advantage of off-season pricing for their travel and accommodation options. This is a win-win for everyone, we think.

6. The Wedding Fatigue Won't Be Real

The spring and summer months can get so jam-packed with weddings that your family, friends, and guests can start to get a serious case of wedding fatigue. A January, February, or March wedding is likely to be the only one your guests attend that winter. Another bonus? You are likely to get your wedding film back faster in the winter because your videographer is less slammed in the spring and summer months.

Bride Tip
Embrace the season by throwing blankets over guests' chairs or keep them warm by serving a hot signature cocktail, Combs suggests.

7. It is Something Out of the Ordinary

Advantage is simply that it is something different. From colour palette to flowers and décor, there are elements of the season to inspire your theme that will stand out in a sea of peonies. If your style is romantic, shades of winter white and lots of greenery, and if you are going for a rustic-cosy vibe. Embrace the season by throwing blankets over guests' chairs or keep them warm by serving a hot signature cocktail, Combs suggests.

8. It is the Best Time for Black Tie

If you are planning a formal wedding, you can bet you will hear much less complaining from your guests in black-tie attire when it is cold outside, Tuxedos were not meant for outdoor ceremonies and cocktail hours in the heat of the summer, however, they are the perfect choice for indoor winter weddings, as are gowns covered in sequins.

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9. You Won't Be a Hot Mess

Some people seriously do not deal well in the heat. It makes them irritated, cranky, and not to mention, a sweaty mess. When it comes to weather, you can always add layers to combat the cold, but in the hotter months, well, you can not exactly take off your clothes. If you are stressed about being hot and sweaty for your wedding photos, then a winter wedding is perfect for you.

10. Stunning Snowy Wedding Photos

If you are blessed with a sprinkling of snow ahead of your big day, you can snap some stunning snowy wedding photos that will rival any sun-drenched summer snapshot.

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Hope you enjoyed the read

Emma Louise x

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