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In my last blog I mentioned three venues that I liked within the Swansea, Bridgend and Cardiff areas, this blog will let you know how to find a venue and how I help in finding that number 1 venue for you. Struggling to find that ideal venue for that big day because choosing the #venue is the next biggest decision after choosing the dress. When choosing your venue, you need to consider a number of aspects your budget, what are you willing to spend on the venue and what packages the venue provides within the price you are willing to spend. When you are looking for your dream venue you need to think of the style you want for your wedding, does it provide those unique touches you are looking for (e.g. river, other scenery, old style, modern style). Does it have a personal link to you as a couple. Through my experience in choosing my venue for my big day me and my partner was looking for a venue that not just had the wow aspect but a few extra touches to represent us as a couple, the venue represents a little bit about you guys as a couple. When looking for a venue we needed a venue that showed the scenery of #SouthWales as I am from here my partner is not, he comes from a city with no scenery and he wanted his family to experience the beautiful views he now enjoys every day. We also were looking for a venue that provided us with a river and a bench, as our experience with each other in the development of our relationship has been based around these. We became a couple sitting on a bench in a park and he then purposed to me on a bench in a park next to a river. So, the venue we choose was in a national park set in the great views of #SouthWales that has a river and bench with the amazing scenery of the Welsh valleys. #EmmaLouiseWeddingPlanner can help you with choosing the correct venue for your big day taking steps to create your top 5. Through looking at a brochure that I have produced of all the wonderful venues throughout #Swansea, #Bridgend, #Cardiff you get to explore the brochure and choose the top 5 venues that you like the look of. We then look in to more detail about each venue, what aspects they provide and what aspects you are looking for in your venue. With exploring the aspects and details that you are looking for in your venue we will take that list of 5 down to 3 chooses. With these 3 choices I will then book appointments for me to take you to look at each venue and you can get the feel of these venues and from those visits choose that number 1 venue you would like to spend your magical day in. Contact me for further info

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