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Wedding Touches- Do I Need To Include A Dress Code In The Invite?????

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

This question can either be a big one when you are creating your invites but for some couples this could be an easy one to answer.

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As every wedding has its own unique and personal style. You could plan a wedding that is themed or minimalist, along with one wedding maybe being more formal and another wedding being more laid-back.

As a result, depending on what theme/style you go down it is appropriate to inform your guests the dress code on your invites.

  1. So, the first question you need to ask yourself first is what style wedding are you planning to go for?

  2. Then your second question to ask yourself is do you want your guests in a specific dress code?

Not a high percentage of couples include a dress code in their invites unless there is a specific style/theme to their wedding. E.g., Gothic, Harry Potter, 80’s etc. The invite is the easiest way to let your guests know about a specific dress code by including it in the lower right-hand corner of the invite. Your invitation design can also give your guests a clue in the style/theme wedding.

If you do not have a theme wedding but you would like your guests to wear a specific dress code, then adding it to your invite is a great place to put. If you do not have a dress code, then you do not need to mention any information on your invites.

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The benefits of enforcing a dress code.

By enforcing a dress code, you are communicating very simply the type of wedding you hope to have and how formal or informal you would like it to be. By informing your guests about the dress code in the invitation they are unlikely to feel you are being rude but might be grateful that you have given them plenty of time to find something to wear and have saved them the embarrassment of turning up, either under or overdressed.

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So, if you answer the two questions mentioned above this will help you on deciding whether you should mention dress code on the invite or not!!!

If you need support or advice on these questions do not hesitate to come have a chat with myself (Emma Louise Wedding Planner) I would be happy to help you decide if you should mention dress code or not on your invites

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Hope you enjoyed the read

Emma Louise x

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