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Wedding Touches- 7 Tips Before Signing That Contract

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

Ok something that most couples do not really think is to really look into the fine details of their venue contracts. But since recent events and some couples having problems with their venues and suppliers due to what their contract says. So, I have written this blog to help couples to understand the importance of reading and understanding your venue contract (you could put this towards all your contracts through the planning journey).

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When you come to the point of having the contract for your venue (and other supplier’s contracts) you are feeling loads of emotions. You will be feeling excited and nervous as the next step on the planning journey has been ticked off so when you are looking at the contract you need to make sure you have a clear head, and you are focused on the contract. With contracts there can be a lot of fine print in the venue contracts so always make the time to read the fine print and ask questions if there is anything you are not clear about anything.

  1. One question to ask when looking through your contract is to check about how much time you have to set up (can you do it the day before or has it got to be done on the day) along with when you need to clear away.

  2. Check about any cancelation or moving date information regards to life butting in on your date e.g., COVID19. From the recent events I have heard that there have been several brides that have been charged to move their date (even though it is not their fault). Always check that there is a paragraph regards to unforeseen circumstances.

  3. Another thing that needs to be checked and that is there are no additional charges to services that your venue provides e.g., coat check, valet parking or restroom attendants, you do not want to be given a bill the next day from your venue for all those extras that you were not aware about or have your guest inform you that they have had to pay for parking or coat without your knowledge.

  4. Always double check that the venue does not have specific suppliers that they use, and you must use, and if so, check what are their pricing. Are you happy to use their suppliers or would you feel comfortable having different suppliers, this is something you will need to communicate with the venue about to see if they will allow you to do this? With your supplier’s contracts there are several things you should be looking for in the fine print and double checking before going with that supplier.

  5. As the same as the venue contact check about any cancelation or moving date information regards to life butting in on your date e.g., COVID19. As some suppliers may charge you for moving the date or if they can not do the new date you may lose money so recommend checking what their policy is with regards to this.

  6. Double check with certain suppliers if came to that you would have to move the date that you get the same package no matter what. I had an issue with a supplier for my own wedding when I had to move my wedding date due to COVID and they said the date change was fine, but my package would be altered, and I had to work hard in making sure that was not going to happen. (Learn from experiences). Would not like any couples to have to go through that.

  7. If having a photographer and a videographer, you need to check with both suppliers how they are having another supplier being there. Some photographers can be fussy with other suppliers getting in their way. So, make sure that they are ok and that arrange a meeting with the two suppliers to work out their schedules about the day so they can work around each other smoothly.

So before signing your contracts with your venue or any of your suppliers please make sure you go through these and ask these questions. As a wedding planner and a bride, myself it was a new experience going through these changes during COVID and would not like anything like these issues to happen to any couple in the future, as we do not know what the future may hold.

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If you would like help in finding that dream venue and those amazing suppliers please do not hesitate to contact Emma Louise Wedding Planner. 07445276667

Hope you enjoyed the read

Emma Louise x

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