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Unique Weddings - Why have a Micro Wedding?

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

Ok so I have talked about what a Micro Wedding is, the positives and negatives to having a Micro Wedding now I am going to talk about why you would have a Micro Wedding...

There are several practical perks to having a micro wedding, fewer heads to cater for is one of the biggest. You could put that extra budget into having a much higher quality dinner than you could hope for otherwise – better cuts of meat, more exciting dishes, even a better quality of champagne!


While limits on guest numbers will probably be in place for the foreseeable, micro weddings look like they will be a staple this year. But compared to traditional wedding celebrations, there is less of a blueprint for couples who want guidance during the planning process. So, I want to offer my in-house expertise's and share some of the key things any couple should consider if they’re planning a micro wedding.

Who is going to make the guest list

A smaller celebration means a smaller guest list, but a smaller guest list means you might have to make some tricky decisions. Currently the maximum number of allowed guests at a wedding is 30 (though we are hoping it to go up to 50) and when you split that between a couple, it may suddenly not feel like very many! Since that number also has to include your officiant and witnesses too, our recommendation is to keep those invitations limited to your closest inner circle. Whether you count that as your parents, grand-parents, siblings, or best friends – think who you couldn’t imagine being without on your big day and prioritise them.

Where you want to host it

One of the biggest benefits of having a micro wedding is that it opens up so many opportunities for unique and exciting venues due to both the lower cost and the ability of venues to more easily accommodate. You could have your celebrations at your favourite restaurant, your ceremony in the park or, since you will be saving budget, enjoy the whole day somewhere more lavish than you could have hoped for with a big guest list. But most importantly, the location you choose should be one that you will love spending every minute in and that will make your day special to you.

How you want to run your day

You can (mostly) throw out the rule book when it comes to scheduling your micro-wedding day. Besides having the ceremony and making sure the legal part is sorted, how you want to run things is totally up to you. You could have a pre-ceremony breakfast buffet with guests, an afternoon drinks reception before a ceremony at sunset or spend your day (post-ceremony) having dinner and enjoying the company of those closest to you. Whether you want to include time-honoured traditions or not – like cake-cutting, the first dance or seeing each other before meeting at the altar – that’s for you both to decide. The point is, you can run things exactly how you want for an excitingly memorable day together.

Unique Weddings

What elements are a must-have

When you are planning a smaller bash, you might feel some traditional wedding elements like a DJ or flower toss aren’t necessary; but you will probably have other elements in mind that are non-negotiable. It could be offering an open bar, arriving at the venue by horse and carriage or having a decedent donut tower instead of a wedding cake. You have so much freedom to design your day exactly how you want it so take advantage of that. Just make sure you and your fiancé agree on each other’s must-haves first! Once you have laid them out and approved of each-others, it will take a weight off your shoulders knowing you are both guaranteed to get the things you want most.

What your dress code will be

The freedom of a micro wedding includes the freedom to decide what the dress code will be! You can ask guests to keep it timeless with traditional wedding attire, specify a certain style or item of clothing that is special to you both, let everyone keep it completely casual or even choose fancy dress. If you are struggling to decide what to go for, our recommendation would be to pick what best suits your venue choice. If you are celebrating on the beach; flowy, casual clothing would be a sensible choice. Or if you have opted for somewhere more extravagant, you could make it a ballgowns and bowties affair where guests can get dressed up for seriously glamorous celebrations with you.

Whether to hire a photographer (or not)

Having a photographer at your micro wedding might be one of those things you see as non-negotiable. They let you focus on enjoying yourself and creating memories while they can concentrate on capturing them for you. The latest government guidelines state that the photographer does not count as one of your guests so I would definitely recommend having someone there to capture the action all day long.

Alternatively, if you just can not justify one, give every guest a disposable camera (or two!) and get them all to take pictures throughout the day’s celebrations. You might feel photos taken by your guests are actually more meaningful when you look back at them in 20, 40- or 60-years’ time.

Making it personal

The best thing about a micro wedding? You’re with your nearest and dearest, so you should be able to make every last detail meaningful and personal to you. You can worry less about trying to please everyone and focus on including the things that make you happiest – so consider what those things are. It might be giving a small token, hand-made by you, to every guest; picking your favourite type of cuisine for the catering or having your favourite type of alternative music playing throughout the day.

Your wedding day is exactly that – yours! So why wouldn’t you want to be surrounded by the people and things you love most?

That is all you need to know about Micro Weddings. Would like to plan a Micro Wedding and need that extra help and support in planning it with you contact me through my contact form

Hope you enjoyed the read

Emma Louise x

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