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Wedding Planning Challenge

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

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Had a very excited time in September 2020 where I took part in a challenge to help my business Emma Louise Wedding Planner to be the best it can be for all couples, so I can provide the best services they disserve. Here I will inform you of what happened during the challenge:

I had an amazing experience working along side, getting advice and knowledge from a very well known highly recommended event planner from America David Tutera. All wedding planners from around the world all know David Tutera as he has been an event planner for Elton John, Prince Charles, Jennifer Lopez, Jewel and Shania Twain naming just a small few and I mean a small few his client list is massive.

I took part in a number of challenges over a couple of weeks that has helped myself as a #weddingplanner to be able to provide couples with a planner you deserve and how to face the job role with ease and positivity that I can pass on to you. The challenges covered a variety of areas from:

Week 1- Networking where we explored supercharging ourselves before networking, preparing ourselves for networking and a system to follow when networking. With the limit of face to face networking I am using the wonderful internet to continue providing consultations and chats through face time using Facebook messenger or zoom.

Week 2- Referrals and how to increase referrals. Exploring what my couples would be looking for from me being their wedding planner. Exploring how to get them and the benefits to referrals. As a business I do not just look at how I advertise my business through social media but through other peoples experiences of working with me and seeing my work. As a wedding planner it is my role to make it special not just for the couples getting married but for their guests, giving them an experience of a life time.

Week 3- Speaking at engagements, covering why you would speak at engagements and what topics you would cover. Along with how I communicate with my couples at the start of the journey and throughout the whole experience, I need to be clear, kind, approachable and be your friend. You will talk to me and share with me a lot of emotions so, I need to communicate with you and make you feel I am there to support you.

Week 4- Social media and how to use the number of different social platforms there is to advertise Emma Louise Wedding Planner.

Week 4- Public relations and media, learning about the different PR resources and marketing that is out there.

The challenge has helped my business to be seen by you couples, so you can find me and I can then support you through your planning journey.

Luxury wedding planner

Unique wedding planner

If you would like to chat with myself, learn more on how I can help and support you with your big day within the South Wales area contact me through

or email me on

Hope you enjoyed the read

Emma Louise x

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