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Planning Your Wedding - Get Inspired

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Ok so in this blog I am going to show you and talk about some ideas to help you with some inspiration on those details to your wedding. Exploring table decoration, chair decorations, cake styles and bouquets ideas that you can take away with you to give you inspiration through your planning journey.

So,... You are about to start that planning journey for your big day but do not have any ideas or you have ideas but not sure what they look like except what you see in your mind, come check out Emma Louise Wedding

Planner for a variety of styles, colours, themes and season ideas through following me on Pinterest. I explore all aspects of #weddingtouches and details you may not have thought of, exploring table decorations to traditional style to one of a kind. Exploring how to decorate your chairs, cake designs, flowers, hair styles and entertainment for all ages.


Here are a few examples you can expect to see on my Pinterest:-

Variety of styles of table decorations, exploring all variety of colours and themes.

Luxury Unique Vintage


Variety of chair decorations to suit all themes.

Luxury Vintage Unique


Cake styles

Vintage Unique Luxury



Vintage Luxury Unique

Like these inspirational ideas, would like to see more come follow me on

Pinterest to help you further with inspirational ideas to help design and decorate your wedding

Like what you have seen and would like to take your inspiration to the next step but need some help please do not hesitate to contact me and book your FREE consultation Click HERE

Hope you enjoyed the read

Emma Louise x

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