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Wedding Touches - 33 Wedding Favour Ideas

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

In a previous blog I discuss about the history of favours and the pros and cons to having them at your wedding. If you have gone down the path of having favours but is now struggling to decide what to create as your favours this blog will help you with a few ideas.

In this blog I have listed many different types of fun wedding favour ideas at different price ranges. There is something for every type of wedding.

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Let’s get stuck in!

Wedding favour ideas

Below you will find a list of wedding favour ideas. I am not affiliated with any other companies; these are purely recommendations.

1. Mini cocktails

If you would like to add a touch of vibrant colour (orange, green, red…) to the tables, mini cocktails are a great option. You can make them with or without alcohol depending on your preference.

2. Mini alcohol bottles

For a classy look, why not give small bottles of alcohol to your guests. You probably want to avoid wine, as you will most likely be serving some with dinner. But it could be Champagne, Prosecco, Gin, Whisky. These are very Irish choices, but there is no wrong answer.

3. Cocktail shakers

Give small cocktail shakers to your guests. They look nice and they can be decorated to suit the rest of the table was well as filled up with a drink if you wanted too.

4. Biscuit messages

These are biscuits that you get baked with custom messages on them. It is a simple idea that allows you to be creative as you want.

5. Mini jam jars

Mini jam jars are another great option to add colour to the tables. You can decorate the jars as well as customize the label. If you have time (and a small-ish wedding) it can be homemade jam, but it does not have to be. You might also want to consider lemon curd or marmalade jars if you’re wedding colours are yellow or orange.

6. Seeds

Give a small pack of seeds to your guests for them to grow at home. It could be flowers, vegetables, or herbs. Just keeping in mind that if you have chosen a wedding abroad you will need to consider restrictions with you being able to take them over with you and for your guests to bring them home.

7. Hot chocolate in a jar

You can have all the dry ingredients for a hot chocolate in a small jar or tube. With just ribbon it will make for the perfect wedding favour.

8. Cake in a jar

If you want something immediately edible, you can go for a cake in a jar. Depending on your cooking skills and the size of your wedding, you might be able to make them yourself.

9. Craft soaps

This is a bit of unusual one. But small, nicely packaged, craft soaps make for a great gift, if you have a local craft shop, this might be an item to consider.

10. Doughnuts

In recent years, giving doughnuts as a wedding favour has grown in popularity. Just remember that between the time they are delivered (or collected) and the time the guests eat them, there is likely to be several hours. Choose doughnuts with a variety of toppings that will stay fresh for the required amount of time.

11. Candy apples

Another unusual gift that is visually appealing. As they keep well, you can make them at home or buy them for the occasion. These are great if you are having a wedding around Halloween.

12. Mini olive oil bottles

Mini olive oil bottles are a popular option, they look great, and they are likely to be used. The quality of the oil you buy will be having a big impact on the price but depending on where you live, you should be able to get something nice without breaking the bank.

13. Macarons

Macarons are always a popular choice. Putting 3 in a neat little bag makes for the perfect wedding favour. Depending on where you live, you might be able to get some at your local bakery. Otherwise, ask your caterer they might be able to help

14. Fancy hand sanitisers

This has become the new idea of 2020, where you can find nice bottles with custom labels, that will complement the rest of the decoration nicely.

15. Candles

Small scented (or non-scented) candles make for the perfect gift. It is also a convenient gift as they are readily available, and you can find them in all shapes and sizes.

16. Mini sunscreen

Unfortunately, this is probably not the number one wedding favour, however if you are having your wedding somewhere sunny and warm, this is the perfect favour. Especially if you have guests travelling from less sun prone areas.

17. Personalised matchboxes

Small, personalized match boxes make for a nice gift that people are like to keep and use.

18. Matchbox games

As well as having personalised matchboxes you can also get mini games that fit inside a matchbox. Most games (tic-tac-toe, chess, connect 4) exist in this format. However, you may not find these locally. Your best bet is probably online.

19. Succulent plants

Succulents make for fun gifts. They will fill up a decent amount of table space (and provide decoration) which is something to consider.

20. Chilli seeds

For an original wedding favour, give all your guests a small pack of chili seeds for them to grow at home. As mentioned previously, be mindful of restrictions if having the wedding abroad.

21. Chocolate

You can not go wrong with chocolate; it is popular for a reason. Chocolate comes in all shapes, sizes and flavour’s which allows you to pick and choose exactly what you are looking for.

22. Shot glasses

Looking for a unique gift, why not have shot glasses as a wedding favour. These can be customized for the wedding or can be an existing design that you like. If you serve alcohol inside, make sure guests are aware that they can keep them. A small ribbon or label should do the trick.

23. Personalised socks

You can get socks custom-designed online, which makes for funny and unusual wedding favours. You probably will not know everyone’s size, so your best bet is probably best off getting one-size-fits-all.

24. Pictures

As simple as it sounds, giving out pictures of the newly married couple always goes down well. Not everyone is going to their photos printed so they will be happy to have something to hang on their fridge when they get home.

25. Sunglasses

Giving out sunglasses as wedding favours will make for hilarious pictures. Once again, the blazing summers here in Wales are not the best for this kind of gift.

26. Lottery tickets

Simple and fun, why not get lottery tickets (or scratch cards) for all your guests. Statistically, you are unlikely to break even, but one of your guests might be lucky.

27. Sparklers

Giving out sparklers as wedding favours makes the most sense if you are planning on using them during the event. For example, when the bride and groom arrive in the room. Great time to use these are favours is if you have a wedding in November or December.

28. Customized fortune cookies

You can get fortune cookies with custom printed messages inside. This makes for a nice surprise after dinner when guests open them up.

29. Luggage tag

A luggage tag is a fun wedding favour that most people have a use for. If you also use them to indicate the seating arrangement, just make it clear that the guests can also keep them afterwards.

30. Lollipops

If you are looking for the added touch of colour, get lollipops for your wedding favours. As a bonus, you can also get custom messages printed on them.

31. Loose tea

Tea makes for a nice easy to appreciate present. With loose tea, you can also customize the bag, to match the rest of your wedding decorations.

32. Custom bottle openers

You can get bottle openers with engraving on them which make for perfect gifts. This is also true for corkscrews also….

33. Wine cork stoppers

You can get custom wine cork stoppers with engravings or small pictures on them. It makes for a nice souvenir, that will not take too much space on the way home but it is likely to be used.

With wedding favours there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. I hope you have found these ideas useful. Here are a few more things to keep in mind.

Do you need wedding favours?

Checking out a previous blog that will help with answering this question.

To keep or to use?

When choosing wedding favours, decide whether you would like your guests to use the gift on the day or take it home with them. Both options have their pros and cons.

How much will it cost?

I did not include prices in this article as it will depend on where you live. However, the cost can add up fast. If you are on a tight budget, skipping wedding favours is a place to save money.

Should I do DIT wedding favours?

When it comes to DIY elements at weddings, you want to pick your battles carefully. You can not do everything. However, if you are up for its DIY wedding favours are an option. I have listed a few above that can be homemade.

I hope you have found something you like, and I hope you will have a great wedding with or without the favours.

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Would like to discuss these ideas more do not hesitate to contact me

Hope you enjoyed the read

Emma Louise x

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