Should I throw by bouquet?

Updated: Mar 11

Throwing the bouquet is one of the oldest traditions to weddings that has happened in weddings for many years. Though this is a tradition that you do not see very often at weddings. With this tradition a variety of factors are to be considered when thinking about do I or do I not toss the bouquet.

Factor One: -

Something that needs to be consider is how many of your women guests are single? As this is a tradition for single women to catch the bouquet and then it is a symbol that they should be next to walking down the aisle. So, if you have a very low number of women do you think they would feel comfortable coming forward to catch the bouquet or are they a wonderful crazy bunch that love the frill of competition and would luv the competition of the fight for the bouquet. But on the other hand, if you have no single women then it is not worth the time of your big day to do this tradition.

Factor two: -

Though you can look at the other aspect of the single women who would like to catch the bouquet and have the male side who enjoy the thrill of the catch of the bouquet as well as the ladies. So, have you got those friends from both gender that enjoy the catching of the bouquet? Then it would be a fun aspect to add to your big day.

Factor Three: -

Another factor to consider is if you do wish to toss the bouquet are you using artificial or real flowers. If you are using real flowers, then they are sorter appropriate to use for a bouquet toss as you cannot keep real flowers and you can basically throw them away.

But if you are using artificial flowers these are easier to keep as a memento and with a memento you do not really want someone else to have it. With that you cannot throw them and then expect the lucky person who catches it to give it back to you. If you are not thinking of keeping them then you can throw them but if you want to keep them then throwing them to a guest and asking for them back is not appropriate.

Factor Four: -

While righting this blog I came up with this fourth factor and that is having a cheap bouquet made especially for the bouquet toss. So, it does not need to be a perfect beautiful bouquet, it can real or artificial flowers. This is a bouquet that can just be specifically used to throw to your guests who will catch it, a few of them will fight over it and it will get battered so the look of the bouquet is not high priority. This is a great compromise if you would like to keep your bouquet but would like to have the good old traditional bouquet toss of your wedding day.

If you are interested in artificial bouquets and would like to know more regards to prices do not hesitate to contact me and we can have a chat about what you are looking for regards to colour scheme and type of flowers you would like, and I can produce a quote for you.

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