Thinking about bridesmaids.....!!

This question does not get asked much but can be a worrying factor in the back of a bride’s mind.

Especially at the moment with the limited numbers that couples can have attend their day this question is now being asked more frequently that ever.

Couples (brides) ask themselves should I have bridesmaids? Do I have to have bridesmaids? If I do how many should I have? Who should I have as a bridesmaid?

The answer is simple you can have as many bridesmaids have whoever you want and you can also have your male friends be a part of your bridal party. You do need to consider your budget and how much you are willing to spend on outfits with regards to the number of bridesmaids. The question to ask is are you going to pay for the outfits or are you going to ask your bridal party?

As a bride myself I went down this hard road with bridesmaids I originally wanted three they were my closest friends that I always turned to who has been there for me for years until a year before my wedding those three people that I called my best friends where no longer in my life. One moved away and stopped talking to me and the other two did not like my honesty about what they had planned for my hen which showed they did not know anything about me even though had known me for over 30 years and they said I was selfish and wanted too much from them.

So, the question of having bridesmaids then was asked by myself and I nearly did not have any but for me having bridesmaids they are there to give you that extra support for the process and on the day. So, I thought hard who I would like to be next to me on my big day and I thought of my cousin who lives miles away from me, but I know is there for me no matter what and any time of the day. I also chose a friend I use to work with we both left the nursery we both worked in and we have stayed close I know if I need anything, she is there for me.

So finally, I started off with having three bridesmaids originally, and I have ended up with two and they are two amazing people. And that it is what you should consider with the question about bridesmaids.

Would like to discuss more about this topic or other areas of your planning that you feel you need outside opinion do not hesitate to contact myself by giving me a call or messaging me through my contact page

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