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Planning Your Wedding Invitations? - 9 Elements You Should Have On Your Invitations

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

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So, you are at the stage of planning your wedding where you need to sort out your wedding invitations. This blog will tell you a little about the history of invites, why we have invitations, the elements you include in your invites, when invites are sent out, when you should receive RSVP invites and the average price of invitations. This blog provides information on all these areas, giving you guidance and knowledge on what to do and what to expect when sorting out invitations for your big day.

The History of wedding invites

Ok a little bit of a history lesson on the history of wedding invitations; before illiteracy started weddings in England were typically announced by means of a town crier, a man who would walk through the streets announcing in a loud voice the news of the day. From this it was traditionally, anyone within earshot became part of the celebration. In the Middle Ages, when illiteracy become widespread among common people, so did the practice of sending written wedding invitations emerge among the nobility. Families of means would commission monks, skilled in the art of calligraphy to handcraft their notices.

Ok that is the history lesson over.

So why do we have wedding invitations?

Having invitations are an essential part of planning a wedding because they set the tone of what guests are to expect on the wedding day and at the same time help them prepare for your event.

Having wedding invitations gives your guests information about your day and though it may seem obvious what should be written on an invite, couples commonly (and surprisingly) forget to include key details like time, date, ceremony location, and/or the reception location. So, make sure to check over your invite, and then check it twice. Your invitations also carry a little example of the wedding theme the guests can look forward to experiencing.

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All wedding invitations should include the following elements:

Here are the 9 elements that you should include on your wedding invites.

1. Who is hosting.

2. The request to come to the wedding.

3. The names of the couple.

4. The date and time.

5. The location.

6. Reception information.

7. Dress code.

8. Separate RSVP card.

9. Any other additional information e.g., accommodation, directions etc.

Are you supposed to send wedding invitations to the wedding party?

This has a simple answer and that is No, it is not unnecessary, and yes, you should send them. While you are right that clearly, they know the details on the wedding, they are still going to want an invite to remember the day. So, while they do not necessarily need an invite, it is still a lovely gesture to send one.

When to send out wedding Invitations.

Most couples are unsure when they should be sending out their invites. Is there too soon or too late to sending out invites. To answer this question sending them too early or too late can likewise be impolite, so here are the basic wedding invite timeline rules:

  • Save the date cards can be sent out as early as a year from your wedding date.

  • Invitations should be sent to your guests six to eight weeks in advance of your wedding. This will provide your guests with ample time to make arrangements and mark their calendars, no matter where they might be traveling from or what they have got going on.

Ordering your wedding invitations and other stationery should be 4-6 months before your special day. Many couples choose to order it all at the same time so they can move on to the next aspect of their wedding planning.

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How long should guests have to RSVP for weddings?

Ideally, the RSVP date should fall three to four weeks before the wedding. Giving couples enough time to gather their numbers for day and night guests to inform their venue of their total number of guests. Also, if there is food option this gives couples enough time to get all the food orders written down and sent over to the venue.

How much does wedding invitations cost?

Ok the same with all aspects of planning your wedding you must put a budget towards all elements. Wedding invitations is one of many elements towards your wedding that you need to have a budget for, you need to be realistic on how much you can afford to go towards the invitations and how much you are willing to put towards them. With the average cost of wedding invitations sitting between £400 and £650 for most couples. Within the UK It is roughly an average that couples spend for invitations is between £3-10 per guest. If you order wedding invitations online, you can expect to pay somewhere on the lower end of that scale—between £3 and £5.

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It is always good to do your research when looking at the prices of invitation, what company does it within your budget and to the style you want. Can you do the style you want and is it in your budget for you to do it yourself. One of my blogs look further into tips that can save you money on through cheap DIY wedding invitations on a Budget.

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So, this blog has given you the history to wedding invitations, why we should send invitations and what you should have on an invitation. Check out my blog that goes into more information about what should go into a wedding invitation suite and what a wedding invitation suite is.

Though if you would like to discuss about invitations and would like help in finding suppliers contact me by clicking the link or going to the contact tab at the top of the page.

Hope you enjoyed the read

Emma Louise x

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