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Wedding Touches: 20 Fall Wedding Centrepiece Ideas

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

When planning your table decorations for a fall wedding, you have many options with regards to terms of colours and styles. One thing is for certain you should draw your guests’ attention to the centre of the table. After all fall is a time of social gatherings with family and friends and thinking about it that is exactly what your wedding is. This is where your centrepieces come in.

There is a number 1 rule for centrepieces, and this is to keep them low to the table. You may be asking why is this? This is so your guests can socialize and contact with the people across from them! From there, the rest is up to you, but as I said above there are a number of questions to be answered: crimson red or burnt orange flowers? Candles or no candles? Take the creative ideas and colour palettes as your starting point, then you need to customize away for your style and your venue.

Keep reading for fall wedding centrepieces I love and start thinking about how you are going to dress your fall dinner table.

1. Stone Fruits

Fall is a season for farmers market runs and harvest moons, so why not incorporate that vibe into your table centrepieces. This composition of dried hydrangeas and pale pink roses looks especially striking next to a bundle of pears. The fruit picks up accents from the floral centrepieces to create a cohesive aesthetic.

2. Fall Foliage

An obvious choice for fall wedding décor may seem to be bright leaves, but that does not make them any less perfect. The texture that leaves add to the assembly, think of them being your seasonal greenery. Using this centrepiece would blend well with a dark tablecloth for a little pop!

3. Bright Blooms

Bright pink flowers yes this can work for fall. For example, you have this arrangement in shades of pinks and reds. It gives the feeling of fresh and modern thanks to warm undertones of the flowers and the berry accents. A bare wooden base and copper accents are all you need.

4. Mini Pumpkins

Pumpkins are the expected choice, but this example is anything but. This arrangement can feel surprising for a number of reasons; the first one is the pumpkins are painted in a mixture of metallic and muted tones. Using these two colours and a bundle of pumpkins is striking (more the better!)

The second approach that is not expected is that you do not have to use pumpkins, but you could use squashes and other seasonal picks to create an organic setting.

5. Unique Cloches

This centrepiece trend is here to stay, as a number of brides, wedding stylists and florists love creating mini special blooms. Interpret this style for your table setting through mixing jars of various heights using candles for a romantic look that is full of texture.

6. Fun feathers

This style is not part of some Gatsby-esque celebration. The feather style centrepiece gives the feel of rustic yet elevated due to the browning foliage in the arrangement.

7. Copper elements

When it comes to metals, copper seems to innately symbolize all that the season has to offer. But to feel free to mx metals for an earthy tablescape, such as copper, brass and certain shades of gold can pair well together for a luxury old world style.

8. Coloured candles

Having a candlelit glow is necessary for any wedding celebrations but more for a fall wedding. Lean into the seasons extravagant silhouette-coloured candles and omit the usual white tapers.

9. Vintage birdcages

This centrepiece idea is similar to the previously mentioned cloche idea, but much more. Birdcages takes us back to the gilded era of romance and introduce a hefty does of drama.

10. Seasonal Berries

Bright red berries that represent the holiday season, spicy berries come in orange and yellow tones that creates a stunning blend when tucked amongst the soft florals and trailing greenery of early fall. This style is an effortless way to transition from the late summer centrepieces into autumn centrepieces.

11. Dusty Hues

Though powdery pinks and soft greens always have us feeling the spring season, it’s the dusty hues of autumn that give off all the cozy vibes.

12. Rustic Elements

Homegrown comforts and laid-back simplicity of all things rustic personify the very essence of the season. Even though an all-out rustic style is the choice for some; some well-chosen highlights can also make a statement.

13. Soft textures

This is not the time for bleakness and modernism. Autumn is all about the cosiness and welcoming the luxury and the drama.

14. Lavish decoration

Gilded metallic highlights offer it in spades while simultaneously evoking all the warmth of the season. The spectacular golds in candelabras, vases and trims contrast elegantly with the dark trailing greenery and deep crimson bulbs.

15. Moody mauves

Airy blushes are not only for warmer weather, with dusty times and deeper, mauve-tinged shades, they make for a stunningly soft fall colour scheme.

16. Amber waves of grain

If it is a harvest inspiration you are seeking for then you need not look much further. Beautiful in its simplicity and minimalism, all this western style requires is a few identical centrepieces of bundled wheat neatly tucked into vases running down the length of the table.

17. Natural Materials

Harness the earthiness of this time of year by expertly mixing natural textures into one organized tablescape. Bare tables and praline -coloured velvet create the perfect canvas for adding layers of depth in the form of marble candleholders.

18. Spicy Tones

Sugar and spice and all things nice- an acceptable description of not only the season but also this centrepiece, chocolate cosmos, mauve garden roses, saffron, scarlet scabiosa and burgundy dahlias carry all the spicy notes of fall festivities. Hints of brown velvet, gilded accents, fresh pears, succulent figs and additional décor in eggplant and lilac complete the opulent inspired scene.

19. Lush greenery

Cue the romance with a centrepiece that is sophisticated enough for a late fall. Lush greenery and peonies eloquently adorn two long banquet tables. In addition to bringing an element of nature to the candlelit space, they are a perfect match for the black and white palette.

20. Votive candles

Set the ambiance of your reception, while keeping the overall vibe autumnal – with nude votive candles that provide a warm glow. Add in a fall floral arrangement consisting of peppergrass, sage and honey Dijon roses for the perfect setup. Together, both elements help to create a centrepiece reminiscent of the seasons changing foliage.

Hope you have enjoyed and gained some ideas on fall centrepieces if you would like some help in creating any of these ideas or an idea you have contact me on

Hope you enjoyed the read

Emma Louise x

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