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Planning Your Wedding - 18 Tips To Planning And Achieving Your Dream Wedding

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Congratulations on your engagement

You are now looking at starting to plan your wedding, there are many stories of brides-to-be usually getting overwhelmed with their wedding preparations. Having few questions; where should we hold our wedding? How many guests should I invite? What is the perfect wedding dress for me? Which vendor should I hire first?

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While there are some stories of planning being crazy and stressful, planning your wedding is more enjoyable than what most people think. All it takes is smart preparations and the right information to make wise decisions. To help you with your planning duties I have put together 18 tips to help you organize and enjoy your dream wedding.

1. Trust your gut

This is a cliché, but couples do get caught up all the time in what they think they should do, or what their parents want them to do. You just got to remember the day is about you and your partner, you should have the wedding you want. This advice also applies to vendors and your budget. If a vendor does not give you a good feeling to want to work with them, they probably are not the one you should work with. Finally, trust your gut with the budget you have set yourself. Spend on what is important to you, and if a number makes your stomach turn, there are many ways to save.

With a free consultation by myself I can discuss and help you with setting a budget and where you can save money

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2. Be yourselves and make decisions on what is important to you, and magazines like tie the knot. But be sure to make it your own rather than create a carbon copy of something you have seen someone else do. Take elements from ideas and create your own inspirational style. Do not feel like you need to include an element in your wedding because it is what is socially accepted or what others are doing. For example, if you do not want cake but would like cocktails then serve cocktails and dessert time instead of cake- this is your day, do it your own way.

3. Finding the supplier who get you and your vision for your wedding

When you are doing your supplier research, be guided by the work you see and their style. This does not mean you have to go for cookie-cutter version of something they have done before. But picking a supplier whose style compliments your ideas and creates your dream wedding.

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4. Set your budget from the beginning

Setting your budget should be one of the first things done before any planning begins to happen. The budget will drive the numbers of guests and your wedding venue. It could also help and decide what is most important to you as a couple. Ask yourself what are the three things that are most important to you as a couple.

Couples need to figure out who is helping financially with their wedding when creating a budget. Sometimes couples have multiple sets of parents that contribute to the wedding. Hiring a planner helps to know if their budget and vision line up and how to break down the budget for each vendor and category.

Without setting a budget, the cost of a wedding can get out of hand. Money conversations can be tough, but they are imperative to have from the start to ensure a smooth planning process for you.

Once you have set this, you can work out what type of venue you are looking for and how many people you can invite. From there, you can start to plan the fun staff – all the added extras that make each wedding unique. If you need a budget guide to help you with you planning your budget, I provide a free budget guide

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5. Dream big, educate yourself and take your time in planning

Dreaming big means allowing yourself to find inspiration from everything. Seek out designs that you find beautiful, imagine your beautiful day and what it looks like, feels like. Once you know what you love, and why it moves you, educate yourselves on the vendors that are available to you and the costs associated with them. Then make your decisions based on what matters most to you, you always want to tell a story and connect with your guests. Invest in the elements that will make a major impact in remembering and enjoying your day.

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6. Make your wedding feel more personal and memorable

One of the best ways to do this is to do DIY projects with your family and friends. When the wedding day is over, you will have so many special memories as well as flowers and other cherished projects you can hold on to forever.

7. Meet your vendors in person

Obviously, you can fall in love with a photographer’s photos, pictures of a wedding venue, or even some clips of wedding bands (and that should certainly be the start of your research). But I recommend physically meeting them too. You spend more time with your photographer and videographer 99% more than with your wedding guests. If you do not gel with them, then it will throw the whole day off. There are a few vendors that you need to vibe with these are :-

  • Photographer and videographer

  • Venue staff

  • Wedding planner

  • Celebrant

  • Hair and makeup artists

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8. Knock out all your wedding planning tasks 2-3 weeks before the big day

The more things you take care of early on, you will feel more relaxed and less stressed. Pre-emptively setting up a wedding website with answers to commonly asked questions from guests can also save you a great deal of time in those crucial days leading up to your wedding.

9. Do not hesitate in using technology for your wedding

However, technology comes with its challenges. Perhaps the biggest concern is the lack of intimacy on your guest’s part. There is no chance for social interactions with other guests, which is crucial especially for Indian weddings. Cherry Tops is great for this aspect and provides unique entertainment on your day for adults and children along with wedding website.

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10. Always remember what is most important to you and your partner

Make sure all your decisions reflect that. Try not to compromise on the big things that mean the most to you, and do not fret the small stuff. This is your special moment. You want to look back on that day and think, wow, I did get the wedding of my dreams. You will be married to the love of your life, so make sure you remember to have fun!

11. Read before you sign and contracts. And learn to be versatile

Couples should do their due diligence in selecting suppliers and before contracting any wedding services, including the venue. Do your homework and find the most reputable suppliers for your special day. Many couples still shop for the lowest price and find themselves getting what they paid for – the lowest cost and quality.

Read the contract and make sure you know what you are signing for. If you must cancel or alter your wedding plans, is your deposit refundable and if so, how much? For more details about contracts read my blog exploring-that-fine-print

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12. Book your wedding planner first before anything else

A wedding planner can help you find the dream venue, the best vendors for your style and budget along with guiding you through this overwhelming process from day one. They avoid costly mistakes and can often negotiate for perks on your behalf. If you think about it, all of these services will already make up for the planner’s fee. For more information about why you should have a wedding planner and what they do


Having a wedding planner gives you a peace of mind that this wedding professional will manage your planning seamlessly and with minimal stress.

13. Do your research!

Look around social media and find planners you connect with and have style that aligns with your vision for your day. A goggle search for the best wedding planner in your area will also lead to a lot of fantastic planners. When you have found a possible candidate, be sure to read the planner’s reviews online. You can also ask around friends and family and see if they have any recommendations and if they had a great experience with any planners. For added assurance on your part, check if the planner is afflicted with an industry body. While researching, make a shortlist of planners you like and contact them for their package information. I would suggest you meet at least three of the planners. You will be spending a lot of time with your planner over the next year, after all. So, start building a great connection with them and be sure that they will be a great advocate for you during your planning process and if anything does go wrong.

14. Get into the business of budgeting

It is alright to shoot for the stars when it comes to your wedding planning, but your budget will set your reality. No one wants to start married life in the red, so be realistic in what you can afford and what you want to spend. Prioritize this conversation with your partner and remember to be open and honest about your expectations. It is rare these days that parents pay weddings, so do not rely on this. However, if you think they will or can contribute have a conversation with them about this and factor it into your budget. When setting your budget, break it down into key areas such as ceremony, receptions, stationery, entertainment and beauty. Once you have set your budget for each aspect of your day, stick to it.

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15. Do not sweat the small stuff!

Weddings do not have to be the essence of perfection. They are not fairy tales; they are real life events produced by human beings and sometimes things can go out of control. It is how you react and roll with things that make or break a great event. Rolling through the punches and doing it as a team with your partner is what life is all about.

16. Be yourself and find the wedding planner that reflects your vision

Let the planner guide you into the wedding planning process. Trust their experience, quality, creativity, and innovation. When you must make choices, follow your heart and desires. It is your wedding, and it is all about having the best day of your life. Your planner will take care of each detail with precision and elegance. Each wedding is unique, created specifically for the couple, to whom we dedicate attention, passion, and professionalism.

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17. You can choose how your ceremony will turn out

The registrar handles the legal part of the marriage, that is given. But the ceremony itself can be conducted by a celebrant. If you are a couple of multi faith, not religious then a celebrant is the person to book. They can conduct your ceremony where you want it to be. It does not have to be licensed venue. It can be where you had your first date, your proposal venue, your back garden, indoors or outdoors. The beauty of a celebrant ceremony is that you can also include Asian rituals, songs, music and more. You can also have as many people as you like, you have live music, readings, poems and even include your pets.

18. Do not get bogged down in the detail

The faster you can make decisions through the planning process, the easier and more fun it will be. There are so many big and micro-decisions for your wedding day, so as a couple go with your gut. If you have differing opinions, that is the time to talk about it and come to a mutual decision. Then move on. Do not sweat the small stuff. None of your guests will wish you chose a stemless wine glass over a stemmed glass. Go with what works best for you make the decision and stick to it.

You do not have to stress yourself too much to bring your vision to life. Remember, when your planning duties start, talk with your partner about your priorities for the wedding. When you have an end goal in mind, it would be easier to create a suitable budget.

Next, do some research before hiring or signing any contracts with anyone. Explore the internet or ask family and friends for recommendations on the best wedding planner and vendors in your area or chosen destination. Do not forget to take a breather when things get too stressful or overwhelming for you. A simple walk to the beach or a romantic date with your partner can help you bring back your focus on your duties as the bride to be.

Remember to be flexible, you will have to be open minded that your original plans may not happen. That is why having a plan b is one of the best things you make during this planning stage. Then lastly relax and enjoy your hard work. Things are bound to go wrong, and that is okay. Do not worry too much about these kinds of problems. Focus instead on the reason why you are celebrating – your marriage with the person you chose to spend eternity with.

Hope you enjoyed the read

Emma Louise x

Bridgend wedding planner

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