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Wedding Touches: 15 Head Table Fall Wedding Décor Ideas

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

In my previous blog I discuss ideas for fall wedding table centre piece (link for this blog can be found at the end of this blog). This blog will give you ideas for fall wedding head table decorations. Typically placed at the prime spot of your reception venue, the head table is a major focal point to your celebration. With those near and dear to you, the head of the table includes some of the most important members of you big day, they include you and your new spouse! Down to your immediate family and friends, it is entirely up to you how you fill the seats of this VIP area.

If you are having your wedding in the fall months, there is no better opportunity to design a main table that fully embraces autumnal charm. A backdrop of crisp fall florals, seasonal elements and striking gold accents turn a simple display into a striking, standout setup. Warm reds, earthy greens and yellows are the tones that can easily be integrated into elements of your fall wedding table décor. Bold blooms and branches create a tablespace that oozes the feeling of fall without looking tacky or overdone.

For ideas that go further than the traditional design route, here are some ideas for head table options for your fall wedding décor inspiration.

1. Using Greenery

Using sufficient use of greenery is a great way to highlight some of the season’s most natural features. This can be created by wither booking avenue and using the outdoor space, carpeting a place with grass, or combining foliage in your design elements, nothing says fall quite like leafy evergreen statements.

2. Neutral tones

Why not use a traditional fall palette with complementary rich tones- burgundy, evergreen, orang- using hints of neutral shades.

3. Do not be scared of black

An ideal colour for a modern fall table that not everyone would think to use is the colour black, this can easily transform your display from classic to contemporary.

4. Combine blush tones

Though black may bring out the contemporary look, if this is not a style you are trying to create blush tones though it is not traditional fall colour palette it is a great way to soften the seasons other darker colours

5. Going for moody floral arrangements

Having your wedding during the fall season can make for a perfect time of the year to utilize the beautiful moody colours in your wedding centrepieces. Pairing the colours burnt orange, cobalt blue and magenta florals in your arrangements creating a striking head of the table decoration.

6. Using a table runner

To add softness and textures to your head table, adding a table runner to your décor and integrating a runner decorated with lace is another way to showcase softness throughout your displays.

7. Displaying hanging florals

Another fall favourite would be using hanging floral for your centrepieces. It is a great option if you are looking to avoid cramming your table with large floral arrangements.

8. Try a lighting installation

Going from having hanging florals, how about looking into the concept of hanging installation. Using lanterns hanging from the ceiling. Also adding light to your design can take a traditional green installation and turn it into a lively yet elegant focal point.

9. Go for garland

Great way to create some drama in your décor, is to use lines of garlands as your focal point. Incorporating floral and foliage garlands into the design of your autumn celebration is a great way to create a focal point.

10. Decorate with seasonal items

How about using seasonal items to decorate your table with, through integrating traditional fall elements such as apples and pinecones into the creation for your guests to feel an immediate sense of pull toward the season.

11. Stone fruits

A great seasonal design is going through the seasonal harvest option, using stone fruit. Using stone fruit do not only speak to the season but can insert colour as well.

12. Incorporate farm grown flowers

Make your reception venue inviting by dressing your head table to match the seasons changing foliage. Bouquets of locally farm grown dahlias, zinnias, cosmos and golden fern serve as the perfect centrepieces for wooden farm tables. Just add woven gold runners, brass, candelabras, and gold vessels for the picture-perfect back drop

13. Incorporate wood

Some would say wood is a fundamental decorative element for a fall wedding table display. Using table numbers, florals and candles are standard for a head table but using wood along with bright fall colours to make your head table stand out from the rest.

14. Let the greenery take centre stage

Your reception space plays a key role in enhancing the tablespace décor. By adding autumnal arrangements to the head table, textural flowers such as garden roses, delphinium, dahlias these complemented with lively greenhouse settings by bringing in the elements of outdoors inside.

15. Do not forget to add candles

A lovely way to transport your guests to a magical faraway place through your wedding is by styling the tablespaces that can be both romantic and intimate. Not only does candles lend drama-inducing glow it can really bring a reception space to life. Blend together with overhead greenery with gorgeous draping blooms well placed candelabras to set the tone

Here is the link for my other blog mentioned at the start giving you ideas for fall wedding centrepieces

Hope you enjoyed the read

Emma Louise x

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